A Message from the President, Steve Cubbage

I personally would like to introduce you to Prime Meridian.

We are a company working at the grassroots level moving the world of precision agriculture forward.  Our focus is DATA and that’s the focus of our new website – www.primemeridiandata.com.  We are the “precision bridge” between retailers and growers helping them harvest more from their data.

One of the Achilles’ heels of precision agriculture still with us today is the fact that no single software or system can handle all the different types of data.  Something either gets left behind or is discarded.  Growers are frustrated as the promises of precision agriculture have gone largely unfulfilled.

That is why we at Prime Meridian built the AgriMAX data exchange.

AgriMAX is two things.  First, it is a place where clients – both at the grower and retail level can store and share data in its original and processed form.  Second, it is an online fertility ordering system where retail soil sampling orders are submitted, processed and organized.  AgriMAX simply serves as the bank vault and clearing house to readily access and share data with anyone, with any software package anywhere in the world.

Store, share, profit – that’s our message.

Finally, it is our belief that the grower is and should be the center of the flow of precision data.  That is why many of the programs and services that Prime Meridian offers focuses on helping growers collect more and better data that can be shared with their local precision team.  With our proactive data integrity programs like “Monitor Prep” we insure that data is collected right from the beginning as we work to “prepare” monitors before they go to the field.

So whether you’re a retailer, grower or crop consultant – before you go to the field with your precision agriculture program we invite you to discover Prime Meridian.  We look forward to working with you to move your world of precision agriculture forward.


Steve Cubbage

Prime Meridian