Discover the Superpowers of a Prime Meridian AgriMAX Account

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Those aren’t exactly the questions people ask when they inquire about Prime Meridian’s online data portal called AgriMAX but there sure have been a lot of questions since the launch of our website.

What is AgriMAX?  Is it a mapping software?  Is it an online FTP site?

The simple answer to those questions is AgriMAX is the home for precision agriculture data.  More specifically it is a place for your retail business to streamline and do the business of precision agriculture.

Probably the most important question we’ve gotten is simply – “What can AgriMAX do for my business?”  The answer to that question is up to you the retailer.  But rest assured by using the tools and services offered by Prime Meridian through your secure AgriMAX account you certainly come off looking like a superhero to your customers. Click here to learn more about a Prime Meridian AgriMAX account.