Billions and billions of bushels fit right in your pocket

How much grain can you fit into your pocket?

Thanks to new mobile and wireless technology introduced by a company called OPI-integris the answer might just surprise you.  To paraphrase the late astronomer Carl Sagan – “billions and billions.”

So what is this new technology and what does it do?

It’s called OPI-Blue.  And in simplest terms, its an app that runs on your Apple iPhone or iPad that gives you a direct link to what’s going on inside your grain bins.  Pretty cool, huh?

OPI BLUEGrain bin management technology can have some very quick paybacks for producers depending on the size and characteristics of their farming operation.  Perennial poor practices like the over-drying of grain, rising energy costs and larger and larger bin sizes being deployed on farms can lead to greater chances of grain spoilage – all good reasons why this technology is such a great idea.

The 3-D graphics of the OPI-Blue app gives you a 360-degree transparent view of temperature, moisture and capacity levels within the bins and it makes you think you’re playing an Xbox game instead of managing grain quality.  But the real bonus is the real-time email and text alerts you get on your mobile device whenever things aren’t going right. For the first time you can be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to grain quality.

The OPI-Blue App on the iOS mobile device simply connects to a solar powered wireless node mounted on top of your grain bins. The node is the connection point for the multiple sets of digital temperature and moisture cables that constantly monitor every inch of grain inside the bins. With your mobile device and the OPI-Blue App you can connect directly to the OPI-Blue wireless node via its built-in Wi-Fi hotspot or link it to your internet router so you can monitor grain conditions while on the beach sipping one of those umbrella drinks.

So why talk about grain bin technology on a post that’s normally reserved for topics like “Big Data” and “Precision Agronomy”?  The answer is simple.  Caring for a crop doesn’t stop at harvest.  And it also underscores the fact that the farm is very, very quickly becoming what is called the “Internet of Things.”

We spend so much time and effort to get as many bushels into the bins as possible. However, we frankly aren’t very good at taking care of them after they get there.  It’s the number of bushels and their condition when it comes out that you get paid on.  That’s why this subject is so important – especially with the new reality of lower commodity prices – every bushel counts.

That’s why Prime Meridian has teamed up with its sister precision ag hardware solutions company Record Harvest to start offering OPI-Blue to growers and ag retail grain and seed companies.  For more information please contact Steve Cubbage at 417-667-0220 or for your OPI Blue demo and a free cost savings analysis for your farm. Also check out

Being able to check your bins from the beach – now there’s an App for that!