A Season to Remember

Merry Christmas.

Happy New Year.

God Bless.

That’s our simple message to all our customers, growers and friends.  You are all part of our extended Prime Meridian family and we want to thank you for your business but most of all for your friendship and trust in us.

The year of 2014 was not only a great year for Prime Meridian but I’m hoping it was for many of you as well.  In many places it was a record harvest as corn yields notched personal bests for many growers. Just one of the reasons 2014 will be a fond memory as we head into 2015.

Of course, 2014 had its sobering moments as well with the high commodity prices of the past few years falling back to earth.  But as they say – that’s farming! Farmers adapt. They innovate. They persevere.

Agriculture is unique.  The Good Lord every year gives us a Mulligan – another opportunity. Another chance.

At Prime we see every season as a chance to get better by learning from the one’s previous experience. That’s why its important that we as growers and agri-professionals need to answer the simple question of whether we’re farming for a season or a lifetime?  The answer is in our DNA. Always keep your eyes looking just a bit over the horizon.

Howard Buffet wrote a great book on this very subject.  Its called Forty Chances and its based on the premise that most farmers only get about 40 harvests in a lifetime. It challenges the reader of how you’re going to tackle life, your business and your legacy. This is a great book and a perfect last minute Christmas gift to give to others or even yourself.

So may the Lord bless you and your family this holiday season and we’ll see you over the horizon in the year 2015.

Merry Christmas from Prime Meridian