MyPrime goes primetime in 2015

Prime Meridian – “Your Home for Precision Ag Data.” 

Providing an independent and secure home for growers’ data has been the mantra of Prime Meridian from day one.

Well, in 2015 the growers and retailers served by Prime Meridian are getting a brand NEW HOME.  Its called MyPrime and its built in the cloud so you can take it anywhere you go. Whether its a pickup truck or a spreader truck – your information is there with you.

In simplest terms, MyPrime is your very own personal dashboard that allows you to do the business of precision at both the farm and retail level.  One of the central features that is unique about MyPrime is that it gives a grower his very own precision safe deposit box where he can store his original precision data.

Ready for Primetime in 2015The precision safe deposit box is important because with MyPrime a grower can effectively share data with other members of his Precision Ag team (fertilizer dealers, seed dealers, crop insurance agents, agronomists) without ever giving away or letting go of his original data.  Its sort of like making a copy of the deed to your land but never giving away the original.  That’s just one of the things that makes MyPrime so attractive to growers.

For retailers, MyPrime takes precision services into the 21st century with a customizable and brandable online store. Retailers can offer their traditional in-house precision services like soil sampling and yield mapping. Plus they now have access to advanced services like variable-rate irrigation and imagery – all through MyPrime’s single dashboard digital storefront.

Think of MyPrime sort of like a precision  Amazon may source some of its items from its own warehouses and other items from third-party vendors.  That’s similar to what MyPrime does. It allows retailers to incorporate existing services into their online store, but it also allows them to offer a more complete portfolio of precision products without having to reinvent the wheel or adding additional overhead.

Streamlining the deployment of new precision services is also one of the key reasons retailers are signing up for MyPrime. One example of added efficiency is the digital scouting program ScoutPro, which can now be synchronized with MyPrime so that all a grower’s fields are automatically added to his ScoutPro account.  Plus, all his digital Scout Pro reports are directed right to a grower’s MyPrime safe deposit box.  This is just one example of many integrations that will help simplify deployment of precision technology both at the retail and farm level.

Finally, MyPrime is unique because it is more of a precision “social” program than it is a GIS or glorified version of Dropbox.  MyPrime connects people.  It is a precision bridge that provides a common platform for all those people that serve a grower with precision services.  It connects retailers, agronomists, soil samplers, applicators and, most importantly, growers through a common online portal.

Until now there has not been a common platform that allows the transparency of what takes place at the retail level and exposes it to the grower.  It allows everyone to be on the same page singing from the same hymn book.

To discover more about how to get your business or farm on MyPrime in 2015 contact Justin Ogle at Prime Meridian at 417-667-4471 or by email at:

Start building your precision services and your precision team in 2015 with MyPrime. Complementary 45-day trial subscriptions are available upon request.