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LinkedIn is Your Link to Precision Ag Professionals

Even though precision agriculture has now been around for 20-plus years it still is only a small segment of the world’s overall agricultural industry.

Because of this fact it is still a small world when it comes to the people who call precision agriculture their profession. The people that work within this profession are a tight-knit group. Call it a club, fraternity or perhaps more fitting a rag-tag band of pioneers.

Such a close bond makes sense given that precision agriculture is a highly technical and knowledge-based in its nature. But the thing that really brings about such closeness is that we truly are still pioneers in this precision agriculture journey and we’re discovering the future together as we go. There are no maps – no final destination. Every day is a new day in the precision ag world and to make that journey easier we’ve learned to rely on each other.

In our personal and also professional lives social media is making such collaboration and the exchange of ideas easier than ever before. But while all the buzz in the news is swirling around Facebook there is another social media forum that makes more sense for precision agriculture – it’s called LinkedIn.

You’ve heard the saying it’s not what you know it’s who you know. This pretty much sums up what LinkedIn is all about. It’s sort of like your Rolodex meets Facebook merged with your email.

Bottom line if you want your go to resource list for precision agriculture link-up with LinkedIn. But don’t stop by just posting your name and inviting friends – sign up for the Precision Agriculture group made up of industry professionals around the world. Check it out here at this link:

I think you’ll find it much more beneficial and professional than Facebook, where you find out who got a new pair of shoes or what someone had for dinner last night.