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It’s All About Data

Which is more valuable data or dirt? When the mainstream financial press starts running stories about modern farming that includes references of “server farms” and “harvesting data” you know the times they are a changin’.

Recently, an article in the Investor’s Business Daily gave the rest of world outside agriculture a glimpse of how important “harvesting data” has become to some of the big name players in the agricultural industry.

The story is a validation of Prime Meridian’s mission – that it truly is all about DATA.  And we believe the value of that data belongs to those that till the land, plant the seeds and harvests the crops that feed the world.  It’s your data but the eyes of Wall Street and the titans of agriculture have their eye on it as well. Will the producer reap the bounty of his labor from this virtual crop he has harvested?  Only time will tell.

Read the full article: “Today’s Farmers Do Heavy Plowing…Of Data” by Jason Ma of Investor’s Business Daily.