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New Web Reseller Locator: Find the ‘Prime’ Nearest You!

What many people may not know is that Prime Meridian has over 30 qualified reseller locations throughout the Midwest.

Prime Meridian has made it easier than ever to find your nearest reseller of its precision agricultural data services with its new online Reseller locator. Simply go to www.PrimeMeridianData.com and click on the NEW “Find a Reseller” link under the Reseller’s tab. For the direct link, click here.

Powered by Google Maps the new Prime Meridian Reseller locator allows you to search by zip code or by city and state. Just click on the Reseller pin on the map and complete contact information will pop up on screen.

“We’re excited about being able to bring this informative interactive feature to our website,” says Steve Cubbage, president of Prime Meridian. “People know about our services because of our website but they probably didn’t know that they’ve got Prime Meridian resellers literally in their own backyard.”

Prime Meridian offers many of its individual or bundled data services packages to ag retailers and ag service providers to help streamline, enhance and ultimately complete their precision services portfolio. Click here to get a full run-down of Prime’s services.

“Every retailer on our map is serving their customers in new and better ways because of Prime Meridian’s complete offering of precision services,” says Cubbage. “We believe that agronomy is local but precision agriculture is universal. Through the Prime online site and the web-based services we’re bringing the two together easier than ever before.”

To learn more about becoming a Prime Meridian Reseller check out the Reseller Requirements.